Shazam ! : to whom belongs this voice in the scene post-credits of the film DC Comics ? [SPOILERS]

It is a tradition to which “Shazam !” is no exception : there are many bonus scenes in the film DC Comics directed by David F. Sandberg, and here’s what we must retain – ATTENTION SPOILERS !!! Warner Bros. France note – The article below contains spoilers, as it details the content of the scenes post-credits of “Shazam !” So please pass your way if you want to keep the surprise intact, for better back then. For the other, go after the trailer. Shazam! Trailer VO Since 2008 and the release of Iron Man, it has become a tradition. Almost an inescapable passage : any superhero movie that respects offers us a bit of rab’ during and/or after the credits. As Aquaman a few months ago, Shazam ! is no exception and offers two additional scenes : one for a teaser for a possible sequel, and another that is more part of the gag. Once the credits are beautifully animated, the past, the first takes us to the cell of Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong), who seems to have tipped over into madness after his defeat against the heroes portrayed by Zachary Levi. It is enough to be convinced, take a look at the walls that he is in the process of blackening of the symbols, which allowed him to access the Rock of Eternity and gain the powers with which he then wanted to rule the world. The big bad is interrupted in his business by a voice that does not originate in his mind but a… big caterpillar. That seem straight out of Alice in Wonderland but in reality the Rock of Eternity mentioned above : overview under its bell-glass when Thaddeus has visited the places a child, he had then left his home when he returned, as an adult, to release the Seven deadly Sins. If it is not revealed what the insect has done during all this time, he made his return to explain to his new mate that there are other sources of magic than those after which the Doctor short, and référénce to the “Seven Kingdoms”, that he intends to conquer. DC Comics map of the Seven Kingdoms Magical in the comic books ‘Shazam’ Is it the announcement of a sequel where the paths of Shazam, and Aquaman will cross ? Not in theory. On the one hand because the films DC Comics want to be today less connected to each other. And on the other hand, because the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis have nothing to do with the Seven Magical Realms that are Earthlands, Gamelands, Darklands, Fundlands, Monsterlands, Wozenlands and Wildlands, introduced in the series of comic books begun… in 2019, and of which the first episode is available in the Anthology published by Urban Comics, and we spoke briefly about the author of the collection. That being said, who is hiding behind this mysterious voice tampered with ? If there is no link with Aquaman, he is not Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) or his sidekick Dr. Stephen Shini (Randall Park), with whom he made acquaintance in the scene post-credits of the film James Wan. We can then think of Black Adam, nemesis expected in the form of Dwayne Johnson (who served as executive producer here) but still hasn’t show up, even if the silhouette that can be seen when the Witch doctor (Djimon Hounsou) tells his story to Billy (Asher Angel), and speaks of the day when he has put his legacy in the hands of a man unworthy, is without a doubt hers. But no, because we actually matter to a certain Mister Mind : an extra-terrestrial from Venus, born in 1943 on paper, and able to manipulate the spirits, with a great number of hypnosis or projection of mental images. DC Comics Mister Mind today (left) and its beginning (to the right), the Creator of the Society of the Evil Monsters in the comic books, this ally common Sivana will he do the same on the big screen, in a suite of Shazam ! that may be announced in the coming weeks, according to the scores of the first installment at the box office ? An option which is not to be excluded, with the risk that it makes a lot if we should also visit the Seven Magical Realms, and leave room for that Black Adam is finally showing. But the choice of Mister Mind as the big bad of episode 2 sticks with the tone good-natured and almost a parody of the feature film directed by David F. Sandberg, where the super villain who Dwayne Johnson should lend its traits would be more dark as in the comic books where it is shown. There is no doubt that the next few weeks, or even a panel of Comic-Con San Diego in July, we will learn a little more. And in the meantime, it is not necessary to rely on the second scene post-credits for enlighten us further : Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) led to a new super-test in which Billy tries to communicate with a red fish by telepathy. This is a failure complete. “I do not know how to speak to the fish. That could be cool with it anyway ?”, application the heroes. “Maybe order an army of billions of sea creatures”, replied his brother of adoption by showing the logo of Aquaman on his T-Shirt. If this exchange seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen this trailer in china that ended on this scene. Again, this is not the announcement of a meeting between Aquaman and Shazam, but more of a gag, a wink towards the super-hero billionaire at the global box office. Any door to believe that this scene was part of the “training montage” in which Billy learns to control his new powers, but that it has been excluded to be placed at the end of generic. From there to think that other tablets of this caliber are still unpublished, there is only one that the bonus of future editions DVD and Blu-Ray we could help overcome.